Good roofs for the wary

     Fredericksburg and much of Gillespie County rural areas received a battering last Thursday night during a storm with baseball-sized hail. If you escaped the damage, be thankful. If you received damage, be careful your pocketbook doesn’t get battered by unscrupulous roofing contractors.

     Already, warnings are going out, especially to the area’s elderly homeowners, about fast-talking contrac-tors who will try to get a quick decision. Here are some tips to consider before deciding on a roofing or construction contractor.

     Be patient. Don’t be desperate to quickly find a contractor, as it leaves a homeowner open to being preyed upon by “drifter” contractors who claim to be local.

     Look. Out-of-state vehicle tags are a sign that the contractor is not local and is only here for storm work. That is a team that won’t hang around for upkeep or taking care of damage that was poorly fixed. Even long-term warranties may not be worth much if the contractor has left town.

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